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Green Hydrogen Trains come to Europe
Germany's first Hydrogen fueling station for trains comes online as a joint venture between Alstom and Linde. Dispensing 200 Kg of hydrogen in under 30 minutes the trains are seamlessly fueled with a new state-of-the-art station.
What's Behind Blue Hydrogen
Join Dr. Howarth of Cornell University debunks "Blue" hydrogen. Studying Carbon emissions from the oil and natural gas industry for decades Dr. Howarth points out "Blue" hydrogen is just a ploy by the fossil fuel industry to stay in the carbon business converting Methane (natural gas) into Hydrogen which is grey hydrogen calling it "Blue" by claiming to bury the CO2, or attempting to do so. Examine the red flag of blue hydrogen.
It's All About Energy
A new energy show has premiered call "It's All About Energy." Produced by Brig. Gen. Stan Osserman (USAF) retired, and Dan Gowin, Chief Technology Officer for Electrum Power & Technology the premier show focused on Geothermal energy. New technology would allow most Coal and Nuclear power plants to be converted and retrofitted to run on geothermal power. From expensive and toxic power plants to stable cost and non-toxic.
Green Hydrogen Farming
A new way of powering farms is emerging around the world. Green Hydrogen Farming. The biggest single cost for every farmer is fuel. Fossil fuels are the most expensive aspect to farming driving up inflation and costs. Green Hydrogen farming provides a new energy paradigm. Using renewable energy making Green Hydrogen from water local farmers can make their own fuel onsite. Converting tractors and combines from diesel engines to fuel cells farms can make their own fuel and become energy independent.
Interview: Mitch Ewan
Mitch Ewan is the Hydrogen Program Manager for the Hawaii Natural Energy Institute (HNEI) at Monoa. Commander Ewan is responsible for designing and installing Hawaii's first public transit buses powered by Green Hydrogen made onsite. Join us a fascinating story behind Hawaii's first Green Hydrogen buses and how public transportation can be locally powered with no toxicity.
Interview: Dan Gowin
Join us for part III of our interview with Dan Gowin. Mr. Gowin has been a long time pioneer working with the Navy on the early ARPA NET the forerunner of the Internet. Bringing internet and system communications for utilities Dan Gowin is the Chief Technology Officer for Electrum Power & Technology. An amazing perspective on energy issues, Dan Gowin brings tremendous insights on the our past, current and future energy prospects.
Green Hydrogen Directory
Explore the Green Hydrogen Directory connecting you to qualified Hydrogen vendors across the world. Looking for Fuel Cells? Our Green Hydrogen Directory gives you access to dozens of vendors with a simple tap. Use this tool to connect and access Green Hydrogen associations, engineering services, hardware suppliers and more.

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About Green Hydrogen Today

The world economy has been powered by fossil fuels for three centuries.  The Green Hydrogen Economy challenges this paradigm by transitioning to clean fuels made from renewable energy and water.

Green Hydrogen Today Magazine covers all sectors of the economy in the transition from fossil fuels to clean fuels.  Green Hydrogen provids a local solution which an be employed on a global scale.  The economies are making a transition from "commodity" based energy to an energy independent model from local to national scale.

The "missing link" to a renewable energy world has been energy storage.  Green Hydrogen solves this essential problem by providing nature's battery:  hydrogen itself.

Fossil fuels have been the traditional power supply for the world's economy costing over $6 trillion dollars each year in fuel costs.  Green Hydrogen provides a means of storing renewable energy such as Solar and Wind into a form which is safe, potent, storable for long term use, and 100% non-toxic when used.

Global issues such as Green House Gases and toxic by-products of a fossil fuel world can be replaced with a clean Green Hydrogen technology using Electrolyzers, and Fuel cells, to provide a water based energy cycle compatible with all biology on earth.

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