About Green Hydrogen Today

Green Hydrogen Today Magazine is published by Christopher (Toby) Kinkaid.  As Editor in Chief, Kinkaid brings decades of experience in the clean energy industry to bear on developing the rapidly maturing Green Hydrogen Industry.

Christopher (Toby) Kinkaid started his career forming an optics laboratory (Photonic Technologies) in Cambridge, MA to develop a solar energy "optical processor" which concentrated solar energy and grouped the individual colors (wavelengths) on a photovoltaic cell.

From work with solar concentrators, including the "Mariposa" non-imaging solar concentrator which provided a solar concentrator, housing, and heat-sink in one formed element.  Kinkaid developed the "Helyx" vertical axis wind turbine for urban use and has worked on dozens of installations including solar and wind stand-alone, and grid-tie systems.

In the early 1990s, Kinkaid developed the first "Solar Power Pack" featured by Mother Earth News as the "Littelist Utility."  Kinkaid has authored books on clean energy technology available on Amazon.

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