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What's the Reality of Blue Hydrogen?
Join us as we explore the recent push by the fossil fuel industry to stay in the Carbon business. Blue Hydrogen has been introduced which still uses "Grey Hydrogen" for the production of Hydrogen from fossil fuels, but with a twist: let's capture and bury the Carbon. Out of sight, out of mind. Now garnishing most public money for Hydrogen the oil industry has decided to push Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS). Unfortunately, future generations may be forced to endure even more "legacy Carbon" as we continue to burn more fossil fuels, and attempt to bury the problem. Famous last words? We explore the real story behind the creation of Blue Hydrogen and its increasing influence on current energy policy.
A Brief History of Hydrogen
Take a quick journey back in time to explore a brief history of Hydrogen. From roots in Alchemy, trace a brief timeline of milestones and some surprising historical facts: the first internal combustion car was powered with Hydrogen. Join us as we explore the birth of modern Green Hydrogen with roots over 150 years old. The development of the "Electrolyzer" and "Fuel Cell" in the early 1800s traces our journey to seek an entirely new energy paradigm based on Sunlight and Water.
Blue vs. Green Hydrogen
Join us as we review "Electrify Now" program comparing "Blue" with "Green" Hydrogen with guests Dr. Howarth from Cornell University and guest Martina Steinkusz, Marketing Director for the Renewable Hydrogen Alliance, of Portland, Oregon. Dr. Howarth explains the history and reality of the Blue Hydrogen push and reveals how polluting Carbon Capture and Storage really is. Martina Steinkusz describes the recent decision by the US DOE to withdraw from any "color" codes, claiming they're confusing, for the DOE preferred method of determining toxicity: a Carbon intensity index. Redefining "Clean" from totally non-toxic to now allow up to 2 Kg of CO2 emitted per Kg of Hydrogen produced, and still be called clean. With Billions of dollars in funding from the DOE at stack join us for this lively review of how the oil industry has drawn new battle lines to stay in business.
Interview: Dan Gowin Part II
Explore old school wisdom in the Energy Industry with long time pioneer Dan Gowin. Inventor of new industrial scale Hydrogen Compressor, Dan Gowin describes the utility industry and the evolution and economics of coal, wind, and future power plants. Dan describes his roots in the Navy and how he worked on the beginnings of the Internet and has been pioneering not only information systems, but their integration and use by electrical power utilities. Join us for a fascinating view of our energy world by one of its modern pioneers.
Green Hydrogen Farms
Agriculture is vital for our lives. Dominated by fossil fuels modern farms face large and increasing fuel prices and exploding costs of fossil fuel based fertilizers (Ammonia). Fuel costs are a farmers largest single line item. Explore how farms in the Midwest, USA can alter the entire energy paradigm (and fertilizer too) by converting from a Diesel fossil fuel cost for tractors and heavy Ag. equipment to Green Hydrogen. Imagine using the non farming winter months to use renewable energy to produce clean, green hydrogen. When farming activities arrive in the Spring farmers could already have produced all the fuel (green Hydrogen) they need to run their farms without buying any fuel. Explore the future of farming which offers farmers fixed low fuel costs (just hardware) with fast refueling and long run times.
Is there a Silver Bullet?
Is there a way to solve everyone's problems, everywhere at once? There well may be. Join us as we explore the question "is there a silver bullet?" Since 84% of the world runs on fossil fuels, and since these fuels are toxic causing global disasters such as climate disruption, global warming, ocean acidification, pollution in the water, air, soils and biology is there a suitable replacement? Join us to explore the logic which derives the "silver bullet" and how all we can solve all global problems simultaneously by everyone employing a common local solution: the Green Hydrogen economy. The transition from fossil fuels to renewable water based fuel: green hydrogen.
Green Hydrogen Industry Directory
User quick links to access companies and organizations active in the Green Hydrogen Industry. Fuel Cells, Electrolyzers, Compressors, developers, engineering services our list goes on and on providing you a quick survey and access to the industry players.

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About Green Hydrogen Today

The world economy has been powered by fossil fuels for three centuries.  The Green Hydrogen Economy challenges this paradigm by transitioning to clean fuels made from renewable energy and water.

Green Hydrogen Today Magazine covers all sectors of the economy in the transition from fossil fuels to clean fuels.  Green Hydrogen provids a local solution which an be employed on a global scale.  The economies are making a transition from "commodity" based energy to an energy independent model from local to national scale.

The "missing link" to a renewable energy world has been energy storage.  Green Hydrogen solves this essential problem by providing nature's battery:  hydrogen itself.

Fossil fuels have been the traditional power supply for the world's economy costing over $6 trillion dollars each year in fuel costs.  Green Hydrogen provides a means of storing renewable energy such as Solar and Wind into a form which is safe, potent, storable for long term use, and 100% non-toxic when used.

Global issues such as Green House Gases and toxic by-products of a fossil fuel world can be replaced with a clean Green Hydrogen technology using Electrolyzers, and Fuel cells, to provide a water based energy cycle compatible with all biology on earth.

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