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Green Hydrogen Infrastructure goes Global
Join us for a review of the World Hydrogen Technology Conference held in Quebec, Canada. Attracting a worldwide audience Canada highlighted their plans to transition to Green Hydrogen. Canada is now a major exporter of traditional fossil fuels especially natural gas to Asia and Pacific Rim markets from the west coast. On the east coast of Canada strong hydro resources give eastern Canada a huge leg up in low cost bulk electricity. Ideally suited to produce Green Hydrogen for European markets this conference was full of excitement for Canadian officials looking to open large new energy markets for Canada to export.
Interview: Nigel Holmes
As the executive director for the Scottish Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association Nigel Holmes has been front and center in demonstrating the next generation of green hydrogen systems. Scotland has been a pioneer of Green Hydrogen for two decades. The island of Orkney has accomplished an amazing milestone of being completely powered with Green Hydrogen. Offshore wind developed decades ago produce a surplus of energy at various times of day. Orkney decided to capture that over production of clean energy and produce clean hydrogen fuel from water. Today, buildings are heated with hydrogen, cars and buses are fueled with hydrogen and even a ferry has been outfitted to use hydrogen for power. As host of the recent IPCC COP 26 conference in Glasglow, Scotland has been on the cutting edge of Green Hydrogen for years and represents a great body of experience. Join us for this insightful interview with a Green Hydrogen powerhouse: Nigel Holmes.
Green Hydrogen Steel
As one of the "four pillars of civilization" steel is a fundamental product. Traditionally, steel is produced using "coke" and burning fossil fuels to produce the high temperatures required to make steel. Green Hydrogen is being developed in Norway, and other efforts, to replace the Carbon intensive steel making practice into a near Carbon-free method called Hydrogen Reduction. Producing at a pilot plant one ton of Green Hydrogen Steel per hour, this Norwegian team is partnering with the Norwegian government to insure Norwegian steel will always be a leader in the European markets. As the EU is tightening their Carbon taxes for steel Norway intends to be the world leader in Green Hydrogen Steel production.
Interview: Chris McWhinney
Join us for a fascinating interview with Millennium Reign Energy's founder Chris McWhinney. Developing and deploying Hydrogen Fueling stations Chris McWhinney describes his path from financial advisor to building a hydrogen company providing hydrogen fueling stations in Hawaii, Oregon, California, Ohio and other locations. Completing contracts with the US Navy and Air Force Chris McWhinney has been been a pioneer American entrepreneur developing a new industry where hydrogen fuel cell EVs can be fueled with safety, fast refueling times and outstanding system efficiency. Chris McWhinney is a pioneer in hydrogen systems and it's a delight to speak with him in this interview.
The Secret life of Ammonia
Most people won't think of Ammonia as a battery or energy carrier. Under our sinks, it's hard to imagine Green Hydrogen Ammonia may change the world. Ammonia production, now made from fossil fuels, represents nearly 5% of all fossil fuels burned in the world. Vital for agriculture, and traded all over the world, there is a secret life of Ammonia. Teams around the world are working on a "reverse fuel cell" technology which would use solar and wind energy to extract Nitrogen from the air, and Hydrogen from water to produce Ammonia (NH3) with no fossil fuel inputs at all. Join us as we explore this new world of Ammonia production with no toxicity.
The 2020s declared the "Decade of Hydrogen"
The World Hydrogen Technology Conference declares the 2020s as the decade of Hydrogen. Seeing the need to decarbonize our industrial world Hydrogen is seen as a game changer in the world energy market. Long dominated by fossil fuels, and still representing over 84% of the world's energy, Carbon based fuels are finally given a "run for their money." Over $6 Trillion dollars are spent every 12 months around the world for electricity and chemical fuels. Often these fuels are purchased from third party suppliers. A new world economy is emerging where energy from the "ground" is replaced with energy from the "sky." Solar and wind electricity producing green hydrogen fuel offers the world a new energy paradigm based on self-sufficiency, and 100% non-toxicity.
Green Hydrogen Stocks
Join us for our quarterly report of Year To Date stocks in Green Hydrogen. We track the top twelve traded stocks from NEL, to Plug Power.
Green Hydrogen Jobs
Every issue we list the top job opportunities in the Green Hydrogen Industry worldwide. Explore your next employment opportunity with companies and organizations around the globe producing Green Hydrogen for transportation, manufacturing and power production.
Green Hydrogen Capital
Join us each issue for our article on Green Hydrogen Capital. Explore how financial markets are responding to the Green Hydrogen revolution and opportunities to replace dirty fossil fuel plants with 100% non toxic green hydrogen production.

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About Green Hydrogen Today

The world economy has been powered by fossil fuels for three centuries.  The Green Hydrogen Economy challenges this paradigm by transitioning to clean fuels made from renewable energy and water.

Green Hydrogen Today Magazine covers all sectors of the economy in the transition from fossil fuels to clean fuels.  Green Hydrogen provids a local solution which an be employed on a global scale.  The economies are making a transition from "commodity" based energy to an energy independent model from local to national scale.

The "missing link" to a renewable energy world has been energy storage.  Green Hydrogen solves this essential problem by providing nature's battery:  hydrogen itself.

Fossil fuels have been the traditional power supply for the world's economy costing over $6 trillion dollars each year in fuel costs.  Green Hydrogen provides a means of storing renewable energy such as Solar and Wind into a form which is safe, potent, storable for long term use, and 100% non-toxic when used.

Global issues such as Green House Gases and toxic by-products of a fossil fuel world can be replaced with a clean Green Hydrogen technology using Electrolyzers, and Fuel cells, to provide a water based energy cycle compatible with all biology on earth.

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