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Green Hydrogen Hawaii
Bathed in solar energy and situated in the middle of the Pacific ocean Hawaii is a paradise. Over 80% of the energy used in Hawaii, however, is still based on fossil fuels. With over $5 billion spent per year for electricity and transportation fuels there huge outflow of money from Hawaii out to the world to buy fossil fuels. Hawaii was the first state to declare its commitment to transitioning to 100% clean energy by 2045. Join us for a review of Hawaii's transition to clean energy.
Interview: Commander Mitch Ewan - Hydrogen Program Manager for the Natural Energy Institute
Mitch Ewan is a force of nature for Green Hydrogen in Hawaii. Responsible for designing and implementing a new era for public transportation using Green Hydrogen systems. On the big Island Mitch Ewan has built and now commissioning a large solar photovoltaic array to produce clean Hydrogen from water using an electrolyzer. Storing the clean hydrogen onsite the facility produces hydrogen to fuel public buses. Hawaii, through Mitch Ewan's work, is demonstrating how municipalities everywhere can generate their own clean Public Transportation using locally produced clean fuel using renewable energy producing clean hydrogen fuel.
Green Hydrogen Roadmaps
Join us as we survey some of the Green Hydrogen Roadmaps being developed by 32 countries and the European Union in declaring their commitment to Green Hydrogen. Australia, Chile, Korea, Japan, the EU have all penned a plan to transition their fossil fuel economies to Green Hydrogen clean, locally produced industrial fuel for transportation, manufacturing, heating and air conditioning and even for chemical feedstocks.
Interview: Brig. General Stan Osserman USAF (retired)
Stan Osserman broadcasts a weekly show "Stan the Energy Man" on the ThinkTech Hawaii network. Recently retired, Stan Osserman has been a tireless and articulate advocate for Green Hydrogen for Hawaii (and everyone else). The former director of HCATT (the Hawaii Center for Advanced Transportation Technology) Stan Osserman describes the many fuel cell and hydrogen system projects being developed in Hawaii. Join us for an insightful interview where Stan Osserman describes the journey and thinking behind Green Hydrogen and its impact on energy producers and consumers everywhere.
Green Hydrogen Drones
The emergence of Drones has been a game changer in the aviation space. Traditional Lithium-ion batteries for drone flights have proved problematic for limited power and range. A new push is seen to develop the hydrogen fuel cell powertrain for drones offering fast refueling and long range and performance. In addition to improved range and fast fueling the hydrogen fuel cell powertrain is much more tolerant of temperature extremes including the very cold conditions found in search and rescue around mountains and high altitude deployments.
Floating Wind Farms for Green Hydrogen Production
A revolution is happening in wind power as more offshore facilities are being developed. The North Sea is an excellent example of how Europe is transitioning from fossil fuels to Green Hydrogen. The North Sea as an oil and gas producer has been in decline for several decades. The writing is on the wall for the North Sea but has seen a transition occurring which repurposes ocean based oil rigs. The Dutch, Germans, and UK provides of natural gas, formally from the North Sea, and tapping into a new way to produce energy for Europe. Offshore wind farms with Electrolyzers placed on decommissioned oil platforms provide a means of producing Green Hydrogen. Using the existing natural gas pipelines this clean hydrogen is transported to UK and European markets and represents a real means of transitioning Europe into clean energy.
Green Hydrogen's Founding Father: Augustine Mouchot
Over 150 years ago the French mathematician and inventor shocked the world by producing clean hydrogen fuel circa. 1870. Using his famous solar concentrators, which he used to power steam engines for water pumping, Augustine Mouchot was on a quest to obsolete the coal industry with his vision to power France with solar energy. Using the newly discovered "thermal pile" invented by Seebeck, Mouchot used his solar concentrators to heat up Seebeck's thermal pile which produced electricity. Using that electricity to power the recently developed "electrolyzer" a machine which converts water into Hydrogen and Oxygen gas Mouchot demonstrated the world's first production of Green Hydrogen. Explore this amazing pioneer as we visit Green Hydrogen's Founding Father: Augustine Mouchot.
Green Hydrogen Hub: New Zealand
New Zealand is no stranger to clean energy. Recognizing Green Hydrogen's potential to enable energy independence with zero toxicity New Zealand is position to drive this new industry to new heights. Recognizing that Australia and Chile are both positioning themselves to fuel the Pacific Rim countries with green hydrogen, New Zealand is responding in kind. Eyeing key export markets for Green Hydrogen New Zealand has declared their energy roadmap around Green Hydrogen production as the export engine to drive New Zealand's economy to new heights pursuing energy independence.

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About Green Hydrogen Today

The world economy has been powered by fossil fuels for three centuries.  The Green Hydrogen Economy challenges this paradigm by transitioning to clean fuels made from renewable energy and water.

Green Hydrogen Today Magazine covers all sectors of the economy in the transition from fossil fuels to clean fuels.  Green Hydrogen provids a local solution which an be employed on a global scale.  The economies are making a transition from "commodity" based energy to an energy independent model from local to national scale.

The "missing link" to a renewable energy world has been energy storage.  Green Hydrogen solves this essential problem by providing nature's battery:  hydrogen itself.

Fossil fuels have been the traditional power supply for the world's economy costing over $6 trillion dollars each year in fuel costs.  Green Hydrogen provides a means of storing renewable energy such as Solar and Wind into a form which is safe, potent, storable for long term use, and 100% non-toxic when used.

Global issues such as Green House Gases and toxic by-products of a fossil fuel world can be replaced with a clean Green Hydrogen technology using Electrolyzers, and Fuel cells, to provide a water based energy cycle compatible with all biology on earth.

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