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Green Hydrogen Goes Off-shore
Off-shore wind is emerging as a cutting edge rapidly expanding means of tapping into industrial clean energy. Traditionally, off shore wind turbines produce electricity exported from off shore to on shore electrical demands. As costs are dropping for off shore turbines and wind farms a new option has emerged to repurpose oil rigs to produce Green Hydrogen. Deep water electrical cables are expensive to produce and maintain. Producing green hydrogen directly from the wind turbine's electricity with an electrolyzer onsite makes transporting energy much cheaper. Moving hydrogen though a pipe is much less expensive than high power electrical wires. Explore how Europe is tapping into decommission oil rigs to provide a new infrastructure for powering economics with abundant clean hydrogen 24/7.
Green Hydrogen Coalition - Annual meeting
The Green Hydrogen Coalition held their annual meeting reflecting on the enormous growth of the industry. New infrastructure funding is on the table and the Green Hydrogen Coalition is front and center on leading the charge for a clean hydrogen hub in California. The Port of LA and the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power spoke of comprehensive plans to lower real pollution in the LA basin. The port facilities of Long Beach and the Port of LA are ideal sites to convert the fossil fuel dominated maritime industry to Green Hydrogen where local clean fuel can be produce and consumed.
Guest Editorial: Brig. Gen. Stan Osserman (USAF Ret.)
In a Hurry to Save the World? Stan Osserman, host of "Stan the Energy Man" on ThinkTech Hawaii shares his insights on actually saving the world. Critical thinking is front and center as Stan with extensive experience in powering a wide variety of aircraft and vehicles with hydrogen shares his insights on our path to decarbonization.
2nd Annual Asia Pacific Hydrogen Summit
Join us as we review the 2nd Annual Asia Pacific Hydrogen Summit held in Singapore. Produced by the Sustainable Energy Council based in London this hydrogen summit was inspiring. The Keynote address was given by Dr. Andrew Forrest a billionaire industrialist with a clear vision. Having built a $54 Billion export business providing Iron-Ore and Natural Gas throughout Asia, Dr. Forrest is passionate about Green Hydrogen. Using his own industry Dr. Forrest is transforming the Australian country from a major supplier of fossil fuels to the major player in exporting Green Hydrogen. Ministers from around Asia Pacific expressed their commitment to clean energy for industry through Green Hydrogen which is potent enough for all sectors. The Asia Pacific countries, traditionally starved of fossil fuels, welcomes a new energy paradigm where truly clean energy (Green Hydrogen) can be used to replace all fossil fuel power plants and fossil fuel burning vehicles with Green Hydrogen fuel cell powertrains.
US DOE plots new course for Clean Hydrogen
The Director of the US Dept. of Energy Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies Office, Dr. Sunita Satyapal explains the new DOE funding package for clean hydrogen. The Hydrogen Shot program seeks to achieve a 1-1-1 program of achieving $1 cost per One Kg of Hydrogen in One Decade. To further this objective the DOE will be awarding nearly $9.5 billion for the development of clean hydrogen hubs for the production of clean hydrogen across the US.
EV Infrastructure: BEV or FCEV costs and benefits
In this article we explore the costs of EV infrastructure. There are two types of Electric Vehicles: Battery and Fuel, respectively. The battery EV is familiar to most people now as the Elon Musk model of electrification. The often ignored other EV uses hydrogen to energize Fuel Cells which produce the electricity to drive the car in real time. Batteries have some disadvantages of large electrical draws on the grid, long charging times, and limited range. The hydrogen Fuel Cell EV, on the other hand, fuels up in 5 minutes and has up to a 400 mile range. This article explores the differences between EV infrastructure for Batteries, and for Fuel Cell EVs.
What Color is your Energy?
Hydrogen is nature's greatest fuel, but what matters is how you make it. Most hydrogen today is made using natural gas which is dirty producing 9 times the weight of pollution to the weight of hydrogen produced. This is called Grey Hydrogen. An internationally accepted "color code" has been developed to define how dirty hydrogen production is from the dirtiest (Brown Hydrogen) to the cleanest Green Hydrogen. Explore how the color of energy makes all the difference as we transition to a clean energy world using clean Green Hydrogen.
Green Hydrogen Jobs
Explore your next opportunity with our Green Hydrogen Jobs section. Connect directly with employers who are looking for dedicated people to grow with this industry. Link to Green Hydrogen Jobs with this directory.

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About Green Hydrogen Today

The world economy has been powered by fossil fuels for three centuries.  The Green Hydrogen Economy challenges this paradigm by transitioning to clean fuels made from renewable energy and water.

Green Hydrogen Today Magazine covers all sectors of the economy in the transition from fossil fuels to clean fuels.  Green Hydrogen provids a local solution which an be employed on a global scale.  The economies are making a transition from "commodity" based energy to an energy independent model from local to national scale.

The "missing link" to a renewable energy world has been energy storage.  Green Hydrogen solves this essential problem by providing nature's battery:  hydrogen itself.

Fossil fuels have been the traditional power supply for the world's economy costing over $6 trillion dollars each year in fuel costs.  Green Hydrogen provides a means of storing renewable energy such as Solar and Wind into a form which is safe, potent, storable for long term use, and 100% non-toxic when used.

Global issues such as Green House Gases and toxic by-products of a fossil fuel world can be replaced with a clean Green Hydrogen technology using Electrolyzers, and Fuel cells, to provide a water based energy cycle compatible with all biology on earth.

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