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Field Notes on Regenerative Farming and Gardening
By Natalie Forstbauer. Planetary health starts with soil and the foods we eat. What can you do?
As the World Reopens, a Threat to Our Health Still Looms. 
By Jeff Moyer, Rodale Institute CEO. Discover how to maintain healthy ecosystems in the soil, on the planet, and in our bodies as we seek to recover globally from Covid-19.
Young Agrarians in Canada.
By Dana Penrice, Sara Dent, and Darcy Smith. Meet young Canadian farmers whose mission is to promote inclusivity and teach regenerative agricultural methods.
Meet Your Farmers
The #IGrowYourFood campaign amplifies farmers from around the world.
We Unite
Why farmers are fed up and what they’re doing about it.
Can Farmers Be Climate Champions?
This powerful video highlights the environmental impact of agriculture with Chef David McMillan from Joe Beef and Liverpool House.
Soil Regeneration in East Africa
By Marie-Pierre Bilodeau, Founder, REFARMERS. Transforming land, individuals, and communities with permaculture food forests.
What All Soil Needs
Interview with Dr. Elaine Ingham. Discover how to regenerate soil without chemicals, fertilizers, and pesticides with knowledge and insight from the world’s foremost soil biologist.
Growing Techniques to Build Soil and Sequester Carbon
By Kate Spring. Practicing regenerative farming to nurture living soils for healthy land, food, and communities.
Challenges and Opportunities for the Future
Celebrated Keynote by Dag Falck. Discover bright ideas for a bright future of organics.
Farm Fresh Recipe: Crazy Good Roasted Veggies with Macadamia Nut Crust
Hearty, delicious dish with the flavor of family and friends.
The Time Is Now
By Natalie Forstbauer. Chemicals are not serving farmers as promised. What’s happening and what can we do about it?
Film: Regeneration: The Beginning
By Farmer’s Footprint. Conventional farming degrades soil and increases costs. Explore the solution of regenerative farming.
Nature Matters
By Diane Epstein. A visual musical meditation highlighting biodiversity.
Farm Fresh Recipe: Quebec Style Yellow Pea Soup
Yummy and nutritious soup that savors heritage.
By Natalie Forstbauer. What’s acceptable to use in organic farming and organic production and what’s not?
HOT Harvest: The GREEN Organic Garden Podcast with Jackie Marie Beyer
Tips and techniques for organic gardening
BUSINESS OF FARMING: The Urgency and Economics of Transitioning to Organic Regenerative Agriculture
By Eric Payseur. Can healthy soil and organic farming help increase yields and profits in farming?
SOIL TO TABLE: Klippers Organics Launches Award-Winning Restaurant
The Similkameen Valley in British Columbia Canada becomes home to one of the most creative and diverse restaurants, Row Fourteen.
Farming Through the Pandemic
By Ken McCormick. How COVID is transforming our farming and agricultural systems and reorienting food policies.
Is Biodynamic Farming Regenerative?
With Niklaus Forstbauer, 3rd generation biodynamic organic farmer
Real Organic Farming – Is It Regenerative?
By Arran Stephens, Chair & Co-Founder of Nature’s Path. Will organic farming have to change or go back to its old ways to be regenerative?
GEM-TV Inspires Environmental Transformation
By Natalie Forstbauer & Leslie Ambrose. Introducing a powerful media platform inspiring global transformation through stories and science.
Democracy at the Dinner Table
By Aube Giroux. Capitalism has put profits in front of health. Learn how regulatory agencies meant to control and protect our health and food system is failing.

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About Heart and Soil

Heart & Soil Magazine is the guide to regenerative farming and gardening for soil health and your health. Increase your yields, build your business, transform your health, and impact global regeneration with a bounty of tips and tools.

With a focus on soil, inputs, plants, food, and people, Heart & Soil contributors are experts, farmers, scientists, and gardeners from around the world.

Find the best strategies and techniques for quick impact.

  • Featuring farm and business successes
  • Addressing modern challenges
  • Highlighting impact
  • Inspiring action
  • Regenerating personal health

Each issue includes video interviews, farm fresh recipes, gardening hacks, health in a hurry, art, and hot harvests to share.

Written for the expert, the activist, and the curious, the Heart & Soil Community is a rich and resourceful network of uplifting connection and powerful impact. 

Heart & Soil Magazine is committed to global regeneration and planetary health.

Explore topics:
Regenerating soil health
Success stories: transitioning to regenerative agriculture
Soil-to-table farm features
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Marketing for farmers
Farmer networks
Farm tools and techniques
Organic farming
Animals in farming
Environmental transformation
Global recovery through healthy ecosystems
Democracy in our health and food systems
Community gardening
Container, vertical, and sack gardening
Regenerative health through regenerative agriculture
Eat well to be well
Know your food
Know your farmer

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