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Regenerative Agriculture Is the Way of the Future
By Travis Forstbauer, Forstbauer Farm The term “regenerative agriculture” is not regulated. What is RA? How do we best use the term and protect it from greenwashing?
Fire vs Fungi: Our Choice to Cool the Planet Naturally and In Time
Produced by Stephen Curtain We can regenerate Earth’s biosystems to cool the planet naturally. ---Interview with Walter Jehne and Stephen Curtain, Regenerative Earth
What is Agroecology?
By George Young Discover how agroecology is regenerative and used in farming and product marketing. --- Interview with George Young, Fobbing Farms
Korean Natural Farming
By Chris Trump Be inspired by the philosophies and principles of Korean Natural Farming. --- Interview with Chris Trump, Steward of the Soil
Korean KNF: All About IMO (Indigenous Micro-Organisms)
Learn about the most important input in Korean Natural Farming with Chris Trump.
Food Plants International FREE worldwide edible plant database with over 32,000 entries. --- Interview with Bruce French, Agricultural Scientist
Growing Gardens of Diversity - Weaving Garlands of Love
Growing Gardens of Diversity - Weaving Garlands of Love Dr. Vandana Shiva shares the hope and possibility of global healing through diversity.
Soil-to-Table Farm Feature: Alderspring Ranch
Success story of an Idaho regenerative family ranch, which raises wild and pristine organic grass-fed beef and delivers to homes nationwide. --- Interview with Glenn Elzinga, Alderspring Ranch
Biodynamic Farming: Healing the World Through Agriculture
By Biodynamic Federation – Demeter International Enrich nature, support biodiversity, and increase soil fertility with biodynamic farming.
Heart & Soil Community Feature
Lessons from a Forest to a Farmer in India
Garden Fresh Recipe: Austinite Tacos
By Jen Hansard, Founder of Simple Green Smoothies
Agave Power: Greening the Desert
By Ronnie Cummins, Regeneration International Agave-powered agroforestry is proving to have both regenerative economic and environmental impacts.
Stop Discounting Your CSA. Do This Instead.
By Kate Spring, Good Heart Farmstead Get paid for the food you grow and give forward in a new way that helps more people eat fresh local organic food.
Living Farms, Limbua Group
Film by Sektion für Landwirtschaft Discover how Limbua Group improves the quality of life for thousands of small-scale farmers through organic and biodynamic farming.
Meet Kiss the Ground
By Natalie Forstbauer Kiss the Ground is more than just a movie on Netflix. Meet the founders of a grassroots nonprofit organization built on awakening regeneration through advocacy, education, farm scholarships, media, and policy. --- Interviews with Finian Makepeace and Ryland Engelhart, Co-Founders of Kiss the Ground
Regenerative Soil Book - The Science & Solutions by Matt Powers
Heart & Soil News Brief
Rodale Institute Virtual Campus A new educational resource from a global leader in regenerative organic agriculture.
Give a Shit. Plant Some Shit.
By Ron Finley Food is wealth. Plant opportunity in communities, simply and creatively. --- Interview with Ron Finley, Founder of the Ron Finley Project
Garden Fresh Recipe: Low Carbon Footprint Green Bean Salad
By Donna Maltz, Soil To Soul
Healthy Harvest: Are There Essential Workers Inside Our Bodies and Soils?
By Didi Pershouse Utilizing the natural tendency of life’s self-organizing systems for greater health.
Agro-Eco Philippines Helps Filipino Farmers Go Organic
Film by Oliver Gardiner, Regeneration International Witness the rock star benefits of using agroecology and organic farming to reduce hunger and transform communities.
Regenerative Ranching: Tripling Organic Matter in 10 Years
By Glenn Elzinga Learn the secrets to increase the soil sponge, increase grass productivity, improve herd health, and more, with techniques that mimic nature.

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