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Field Notes
By Natalie Forstbauer. The power of gardening and listening to nature.
Gardening Tips for First Time Growers
By Darby Weaver. Tips and strategies for the beginner gardener.
No Till Gardening
Prepare a garden with cardboard.
Grass to Garden, Feeding the Neighborhood
By Timothy Forstbauer. The joys, struggles, and reality of turning your yard into a garden.
7 Cheap (or Free) Mulch Sources and How to Use Them in Your Garden
By Kevin Espiritu. Where to find free mulch for your garden.
Vertical Gardening
By Marie-Pierre Bilodeau. Learn how sack gardening and vertical gardening can be done anywhere!
Container Gardening
By West Coast Seeds. Secrets to successful container gardening.
Reader’s Gardening Tips
Questions every new gardener needs to ask.
An Intuitive Garden Fresh Recipe
By Kali Star. Happy Garden Soup. How to make soup with what’s in the garden.
Worms, Waste, and Wonders
By Odelia Chan. Discover the power of worm composting.
Top 10 Tips for Backyard Chickens
By Solara Goldwynn and Tayler Krawczyk. Tips to raise backyard chickens and secrets to compost at the same time.
Your Body as Land: Earth, Intuition, Identity & Gut Health
By Dr. Jacqui Wilkins, ND. Tending the Earth (Gardening), your Intuition, Motivation, Identity, Energy and Gut Health. They are all connected.
Healthy Harvest – Winds of Nature Meditation
Guided meditation with Natalie Forstbauer.
Health in a Hurry - Water Fusion
Stay hydrated by adding flavors from your garden to your water.
Easy Herbs to Grow
Popular and easy herbs to grow at home.
Garden Sharing
By Darcy Smith. Sharing is caring. Gardening with friends and neighbours.
Flowers Butterflies Love
What is EM (Effective Microbes)?
By Matt Powers. Discover the power of effective microbes and their celebrity status in the garden.
Meet Matt Powers
Interview with Natalie Forstbauer. Learn the most important thing you need to pay attention to in your garden.
Hot Harvest – Podcast: A Regenerative Future with Matt Powers
Use This Not That
What to avoid when growing regeneratively and organically and what to use instead.
Garden Fresh Recipe - Heart & Soil Harvest Bowl Dressings
Easy salad dressings for your garden harvest bowls.
Build Your Own School or Community Garden
Gardens improve the nutrition and health of participants, while being educational. Learn tips and strategies to build your own.

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About Heart and Soil

Heart & Soil Magazine is the guide to regenerative farming and gardening for soil health and your health. Increase your yields, build your business, transform your health, and impact global regeneration with a bounty of tips and tools.

With a focus on soil, inputs, plants, food, and people, Heart & Soil contributors are experts, farmers, scientists, and gardeners from around the world.

Find the best strategies and techniques for quick impact.

  • Featuring farm and business successes
  • Addressing modern challenges
  • Highlighting impact
  • Inspiring action
  • Regenerating personal health

Each issue includes video interviews, farm fresh recipes, gardening hacks, health in a hurry, art, and hot harvests to share.

Written for the expert, the activist, and the curious, the Heart & Soil Community is a rich and resourceful network of uplifting connection and powerful impact. 

Heart & Soil Magazine is committed to global regeneration and planetary health.

Explore topics:
Regenerating soil health
Success stories: transitioning to regenerative agriculture
Soil-to-table farm features
Business features
Marketing for farmers
Farmer networks
Farm tools and techniques
Organic farming
Animals in farming
Environmental transformation
Global recovery through healthy ecosystems
Democracy in our health and food systems
Community gardening
Container, vertical, and sack gardening
Regenerative health through regenerative agriculture
Eat well to be well
Know your food
Know your farmer

Join us for one issue… stay for them all. Quarterly magazine as of July 2023. Currently bi-monthly.

Publisher: Heart and Soil
Published: Bi-monthly
Language: English
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