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Worm Castings Feed the Soil
By Steve Churchill, Urban Worm Company Organic matter should comprise 5% or more of healthy soil. Learn how worm castings actually feed the living, breathing ecosystem underneath your feet while increasing the soil sponge and plant production.
Scientific Baseline Data Urgently Needs Unbiased Context and Triage
By Dr. Robert J. Blakemore, Ecology Scientist Climate change and planetary health are possible. Soil is the major source (and sink) of carbon, biodiversity, and our supply of healthy food.
Worms Make Soil, Soil Makes Ecology
By Dr. Robert J Blakemore, Ecology Scientist Soil contains 10 times more carbon than above-ground vegetation. Explore the science of earthworm carbon cast storage.
Interview with Dr. Robert J. Blakemore, Ecology Scientist
Who in the world studies earthworms for 40 years? Rob. Rob shares his scientific knowledge of how earthworms are the solution to planetary health.
Gardening Advice for Beginners with Ron Finley
Use your imagination - and compost – to create your own beautiful garden.
Tips on Building a Compost Pile
By Rosemary Tayler for Earth Haven Learning Centre Comprehensive and easy tips for a successful compost pile to nourish your soil and plants.
Building My First Biodynamic Compost Pile
By Anna McAvoy-Emrick, Biodynamic Association Experience land coming to life with biodynamic gardening.
By Charles Dowding Compost feeds soil life and enables soil organisms to help plant roots find food and moisture.
Why Compost and Not Fertiliser
By Charles Dowding Compost feeds soil life and enables soil organisms to help plant roots find food and moisture.
Interview with Charles Dowding
Healthy food comes from healthy soil. Observation is the key to successful farming and gardening.
Interview with Elaine Ingham
Composting tips with world-renowned soil biologist Dr. Elaine Ingham.
How does the soil food web suppress weeds?
Online Marketing Tools for Farmers
By Natalie Forstbauer Tools for a successful online marketing presence.
Meet WWOOF, Celebrating 50 Years
By Natalie Forstbauer For 50 years, Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms has been building a global community of ecological farming by connecting visitors with organic farmers to promote an educational exchange.
Grow • Learn • Build with WWOOF! Farmers, find farm help. Farm curious? Travel and learn. Printable 2021 Calendar.
Broom and Brine Farm - Allens Rivulet, Tasmania, Australia Broom and Brine Farm shares their nuggets of wisdom and joys of farming.
Kira Organic Farm - Selangor, Malaysia Kira Organic Farm shares techniques to meet the challenges of organic farming in a tropical climate.
SOIL-TO-TABLE FARM FEATURE: Covert Farms Family Estate, Cultivating Enjoyment Since 1959
Turning sand into rich fertile soil. The trials and successes of transitioning from farming with chemicals to regenerative organic farming.
Meet Nicolette Richer and Join the 22 Million Strong Movement
Let’s learn, shift, and reverse chronic illness. 1 + 1 + 1... = 22 Million
Garden Fresh Recipes: Eat Real to Heal
By Nicolette Richer, Certified Regenerative Health Educator Delicious nutrient-dense recipes for optimal health and energy.
Nature’s Mandala by Jen Seymour
Say “YES!” to a Good Life.
HEART & SOIL COMMUNITY FEATURE: Redefin’d Redefining Lives with Regenerative Community
By Liz Duerholt, Founder and Executive Director of Redefin'd Redefin’d is a regenerative initiative to transform the challenges facing young people labelled at-risk. Participants grow gardens and volunteer in the community, while curating radical experiences of belonging and purpose.
Building Self-Reliant Rural Society
BAIF is a unique organization addressing social development needs and empowering people through programs in 13 states in India.
Championing Equality
See how the BAIF-sponsored Mahindra & Mahindra’s Prerna Initiative is championing women farmers in Karnataka, India with training, equipment, and agricultural community.
BAIF-promoted PROM Enterprise at Kone Village, Trimbak, Nashik
The Phosphate Rich Organic Manure (PROM) Enterprise at Kone Village in India improves soil health, increases nutrients and farm yields, and reduces costs.

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