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Why Do You Need the CAGED System?
If you are feeling stuck in a rut in your playing, and you don't know how to break out of that. Learning what the CAGED system is and how it works, will unlock your ability to play anywhere on the guitar neck, in any key, using a variety of chordal or harmonic patterns, as well as a range of different tonal colors. This means you will have more options and choices when when you pick up your guitar to play, and will help you break out of the boxes or pattens you naturally gravitate to.
How is this course different?
The way this course is different, is that I'm not just going to show you the system, I'm also going to teach you how to apply it using my 'Mechanics into Music' method. That means I'm going to show you how to use this in a musical context so it doesn't just remain mere shapes.
What exactly is the CAGED system?
The CAGED system helps you to visualise the neck by breaking it up into five small sections, which is a lot easier to deal with than looking at the neck as one big section.
The Drills Section
It's very important that you know where to find the root notes of each chord because you'll need to know that, when you start moving shapes around, and especially once we start looking at shapes within the shapes.

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