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** Destination Focus: Provence **
A Complete Resource of helpful facts for Travelers, covering everything you want to know from Airports to Weather
** Catherine Karnow, Acclaimed National Geographic Photographer **
Our Featured Professional Photographer and respected photo tour leader shares stunning personal images from her recent book about 10 small villages in Provence
** Understanding French Culture **
by Rick Steves, American Travel writer, author, activist and television personality. In his article and video about Provence, Rick's love of history provides great context for anyone planning a trip to Provence
** Daniel Kordan, Award Winning Landscape Photographer **
Published world-wide, and an official Nikon, Gitzo and Lucroit ambassador, Daniel offers an annual landscape photo workshop in Provence. Here we share some of his spectacular images of the lavender fields
** Lavender in Provence - Understanding the Essentials **
Carolyne Kauser-Abbott, an English writer living in Provence researches and curates content for her tribe of expat readers in Provence. She’s written some fascinating facts and history about all things lavender in Provence
** Terry Greenberg: Provence as Seen Through Her Eyes and Her iPhone**
Seasoned Traveler and Photo Event Curator from New York. Driven by her telephoto vision, check out our Amateur’s Journal to see how your photos can look too.
** Change for the Good, Kiva **
Kiva, A Worldwide Nonprofit, makes micro-loans to small business owners. You Can Support Kiva by funding tiny loans for as little as $25. Once repaid, you can loan it out again and again.
** The Fine Art of Presentation - The One Thing... **
Composition is the Foundation of All Great Photos by Nina Bataller Forty years of owning a picture frame shop in both New York’s Hamptons and Gold Coast has honed Nina’s presentation skills and given her a unique perspective on creating and presenting photos
** How To Use Ultra-Wide Lenses **
by Technical Editor Ken Rockwell. An in depth discussion of ultra-wide lenses and their use. Using many photos to show you exactly what he means, this is a great article to prepare you for shooting fields of lavender and narrow village streets
** The Secret Behind Great Art **
by Ken Rockwell How to Say Something With Your Photos. Ken is not only an awesome shooter and super-smart techie, but he’s a great writer too! Travelers of any skill level will appreciate this important article!
** Go! With a Pro - Photo Tours to Provence and Beyond **
Photo Tours to Provence and Beyond — A curated list of our favorite top photo tour and workshop leaders!
** Exceptional Travel Experiences **
The Best-of-the-Best for World Class Luxury Travel Bespoke travel companies that can arrange just about anything you can think of, and then some that you had no idea was even a choice.
** Profile of Red Savannah’s Nick Westwood **
Executive Director of one of the world’s top travel specialty companies, - Red Savannah received The Queen’s Award for Enterprise - Nick is listed among the 2021 Top Travel Specialists recognized by Conde Nast Traveler. Nick specializes in Luxury Villa Rentals in Provence. Here’s how Nick came to be who he is today (plus one of our favorite rental villas anywhere)
** Before You Go - A Checklist of Things to Do and Pack **
The list we use and recommend to anyone preparing to travel who wants to come home with great photos
** The Armchair Traveler **
A rich assortment of Books, Videos and More — to help you get ready for a trip if you’ve got your ticket, or to simply entertain you if you are just dreaming about going to Provence
** Brian Jannsen - A Fabulous Photographer Whose Images of Provence Stopped Us from Scrolling **
A Photo Journey through Provence from Brian’s Instagram feed
** Addictions - What’s the one thing we miss most about Provence **
Besides the food and the wine and the people and the landscapes and the lavender? Hint, it’s famous in Montélimar...
** Index to Advertisers **
Arranged by category to help you find your favorite advertisers quickly
** The Michelin Restaurant Guides How a French tire company came to be the world's most respected reviewer of restaurants **
Check out All About the Michelin Guides in two delightful and informative short videos

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