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Andrei Kazantsev
One day after seeing a polygonal sculpture design made from paper, Andrei began making his sculptures made of steel. After posting the process on instagram " It divided his life into before and after."
Knowledge is Power!
The occasional junk food binge won't kill you , but what about our dogs? What if so called healthy pet foods are not reliable anymore? Who can we count on?
When two Dogs Meet, What are they saying?
How can you tell if your dogs encounter with an unfamiliar dog will be a delight or a disaster. That depends on two things how the other dog acts and how your dog responds.
Enemies in your Yard
Many manufacturers of common products we routinely use in our yards say "there safe and non toxic" but lets explore some every day items you may have in your yard now.
To An Aggressive Dog Everything is a Target
An aggressive dog is no longer a family pet, it's a predator. What does that make you? It makes you its prey or oponnent.
Old World Molossus
Journey with us as Marcus Curtis tells of his journey to resurrect this ancient close quarter guardian the American Molossus.
A Dogs Last Battle
Putting a family pet to sleep is never easy. This poem does a terrific job explaining that euthanizing a pet who is suffering should be viewed as the ultimate expression of love.
Redemption Road
Redemption road K9 is based in southern California. Utilizing cutting edge science along with decades of experience, their training programs work endlessly to offer both people and dogs another chance at a happy and fulfilling life.
How to get an Emotional Support Animal
You may already experience prejudice taking your large breed dog to certain locations. An ESA may be the answer.

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This Issue

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Molosser World Magazine is the voice for the large dog working breed community and a staunch advocate for owners, breeders, and enthusiasts of the majestic molosser type breeds.

We don't refer to our dogs as fur babies, and you definitely won't find any matchy outfit advice for you and your dog to coordinate. We prefer our dogs large, powerful and bred with purpose!

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