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Why You Shouldn’t Try to Do Everything
Most entrepreneurs do everything at first, and in many cases, that’s necessary. But once you’ve established your business and product, it’s a good idea to branch out and get some help. Not only will you be able to do a better job at what ONLY you can do, but you’ll also be able to live a balanced and productive life – and that’s half the battle won.
Heartworm Prevention analysis 2021
Heartworms can be deadly, but heartworm prevention is a decision dog owners should make based on these rarely-revealed facts first, side effects information. Millions of owners agree to heartworm prevention “medication” without being informed of (1) the odds of heartworm infection, (2) the health risks involved, or that (3) heartworm treatment may not be as effective as expected in preventing heart damage.
Do You Really Want A Large Dog?
Every year, thousands of individuals and families bring home a member of a large dog breed, only to discover in a short time that it is not the right fit for their home and lifestyle. Of course, this sudden realization is understandable - why would most people want a canine that reaches 100 pounds and is taller than the children? However, it was not a responsible decision in the first place to buy a large breed of dog without doing the research needed to ensure it was a perfect match for you and the family.
DMK Kennels Presents The Americane De Presa Meridionale
Nestled deep in the Georgia foothills, and stretching over fifteen acres you can find Adamus Bey of Designer Mastiff Kennels and his incredible line of hybrid mastiffs the Americane de Presa Meridionale. A huge accomplishment in its own right but, Adam has another important distinction that deserves an honorable mention, Adam has the distinct honor of being the first Black Man to create his own dog breed, and be fully recognized by an official registry. Here, he shares his thoughts and insights as to why he created the American De Presa Meridionale.
Is a Raw Food Diet Right for Your Dog?
Many Mastiff owners choose to feed their dogs a raw food diet rather than use the commercially formulated mass produced feeds. Others have never heard of the raw diet, also known as the bones and raw food diet, but are seeking more information about what this type of diet can offer their pet. Proponents of the raw diet say that canine allergies and dysplasia, and a wide range of other canine ailments are mainly due to the cheap commercial dog foods with their non-meat proteins and additives.
The Complex World of Canine-Car Relationships
What makes dogs behave so differently in cars? My dog Grizz loves the car whether we're riding or he's there alone while I run errands. Lola, my sister's dog, loves to ride in the car, but tears the upholstery apart if my sister leaves her alone there. My neighbor's dog, Zora, acts fine alone in the car, but barks and paces incessantly if her owner is with her. Another neighbor's dog acts like he'll rip your face off if you get anywhere near the car, whether his owner is in the car or not. Meanwhile, my parents' dog hates the car so much he begins shaking and drooling the instant he sets foot inside it. Analyzing seemingly complex and contradictory canine behavior in terms of the dog's strongest drive-establishing and protecting the territory often provides the best clues.
The Molosser Chef
Meet the Molosser Chef - Chef N’Gai Dickerson. Based in North Carolina, Chef N’Gai has been a professional chef for the past 20 years, working with some of this country’s best chefs producing quality food for renal, cardiac and obese pediatric patients. But nothing satisfies him more than creating food for his dogs. Chef N’Gai creates and ships balanced and nutritious raw food products exclusively for the Molosser Community. When his Cane Corso pup T’Challa had a tough time with digestion and allergies, Chef N’Gai began researching and developing a team that could provide balanced, veterinary, and nutrient-dense meals. Once he saw his dogs’ progress, Chef N’Gai began preparing prey blends for people in the community, and, a year later, Molosser Chef was born.
The Importance of Getting a Good Dog Bed
Investing in a good-quality dog bed is one of the more important things a dog owner can do for their dog. A lot of people assume that getting a dog bed is an indulgence or a luxury. But, unfortunately, a good dog bed is far from that. Your dog needs a warm, supportive bed in just the same way that you do. A quality dog bed can provide security for your dog, as well as other far-reaching benefits on their health and wellbeing.
Elbow hydromas
Elbow hygromas occur when large and giant breed dogs frequently lay on hard surfaces, such as hardwood floors, tile, or concrete which repeatedly causes minor trauma to the thin skin over a bony prominence. An inflammatory response in the tissue under the skin over the elbow joint can occur and the body tries to protect the area by encapsulating it with fluid to cushion the joint. Over time, with repeated trauma, this fluid-filled capsule will continue to grow. While a hygroma, regardless of size, is generally non-painful, if allowed to become large enough to the point of ulceration and abscessing, your dog may experience pain and discomfort.
Win the War Against Fleas
All dogs pick up fleas, ticks, and chiggers at one time or another, usually during the warm weather months. My dogs get to roam a large property and play with the neighbor’s dogs at least once a day. Your pet only needs to greet one flea-infested friend in order to acquire the beginning of a flea colony of his own. External parasites are not a special affliction of dogs. The dog is simply a convenient host for them.
How NOT to Groom Your Dog
If only I would have had it on video when my sister-in-law and I got out the dog grooming trimmers and made a brave attempt at being dog groomers. We could have either made a "how not to video" or sent it into Funniest Home Videos and made quite a profit.

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