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Design Pizzazi
Deciding on colors and fabrics is a process and as choices narrow, typically, “the right one” stands out when choosing "soft" accents for your home decor.
Shelley's Kitchen
We don’t have to adhere to a strict “diet” during the holidays. It’s all about balance and choosing healthier ingredients for our recipes.
Decorating For The Holidays
Decking the halls and making the house bright and cheerful for family and friends this time of year should not be stressful. Here are some tips and tricks to create something everyone will love.
Let's Get Physical!
Did you indulge in your children's Halloween candy? Worried about over-indulging during the holidays? Well, let's get moving!
Rediscovering America
With international travel unavailable for many of us, rediscover the beauty that lies within our own borders.
The Importance of Family traditions
As the holiday season fast approaches, a sense of magic is in the air and we can’t help but feel excited about the upcoming fun gatherings, gift-giving, and other holiday traditions that bring us all together.
History of the Christmas Tree
Christmas trees are an expected part of Christmas celebrations today, but how did it actually evolve into one of the most celebrated icons of the season?

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What is Luxury? Luxurious experiences, clothes, cars, and homes have a feeling about them that fulfills the senses.  Your home in particular, can fulfill your senses in ways you may have not considered. When building your home in the past, this may have meant picking out marble for countertops and backsplashes, high-end bathroom fixtures, and refined woods for flooring. You were creating beauty as well as spaces that would feel good to be in. While the quality of materials is still an integral part of building your dream home, there is a shift that is happening. Luxury is being redefined and Barndominium design and the lifestyle it promises; are posed to make a great impact on what Luxury truly is.



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