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Editor's Note
You will find the freedom of expression allows to create something which is uniquely you, a space that meets all of your family’s needs and more.
Redefining Luxury
The new luxury is CONNECTION! People are realizing that collecting moments, memories and connections is priceless.
Barndo Fast Facts
Whatever your needs, Mastercraft Builders is here to meet them. When they say it is a family business, they mean it. It is their family, embracing yours.
Meet Stacee Lynn: The Barndominium Lady
Stacee Lynn is a self-taught designer, contractor, and decorator. Although she has no formal training, she designed and built her own gorgeous barndominium. Now she is the nations premier Barndominium Designer.
Creating Spaces That Recharge us
In a pandemic, our living space becomes our retreat. Our space reflects who we are and what is important to us. It can also be a reflection of our inner need for care and attention.
Hosting After Covid
Things to consider when hosting your first post pandeminc get together.
Outdoor Spaces to Celebrate
Are your outdoor spaces ready for the summer?
Summer Vibes
Plan the backyard pool of your dreams
Market Watch
Luxury Texas Barndominium for sale

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This Issue

About Luxury Barndominiums Magazine

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What is Luxury? Luxurious experiences, clothes, cars, and homes have a feeling about them that fulfills the senses.  Your home in particular, can fulfill your senses in ways you may have not considered. When building your home in the past, this may have meant picking out marble for countertops and backsplashes, high-end bathroom fixtures, and refined woods for flooring. You were creating beauty as well as spaces that would feel good to be in. While the quality of materials is still an integral part of building your dream home, there is a shift that is happening. Luxury is being redefined and Barndominium design and the lifestyle it promises; are posed to make a great impact on what Luxury truly is.



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