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I can still remember the first time I climbed into the back seat of a super cub! A good friend of mine took me to explore the Alaska Mountain Range roughly 90 miles west of Anchorage. He is one heck of a bush pilot and one heck of a friend. The experience was one of many trips that will never be forgotten.

That first trip changed my life and opened my eyes to see a beauty I have never seen before. With every hour that I spend flying in Alaska, it seems to get harder and harder to put it out of my mind. It leaves me wanting more, chasing the next place to land, next river to fish, next mountain to climb, & next photo to shoot. It is the pursuit of beauty & exploration that makes backcountry aviation so addicting!

After spending the last 10 years of my life learning aviation in Alaska, getting my pilot's license and flying the backcountry, I decided to create this magazine. I believe that even though the world is pushing into everything digital, there is still a place for a printed magazine.

If you have ever had a chance to fly into some of the most remote parts of the world; you understand that the fresh air you breathe, the gravel bars you land on, and the mountains you climb are far from digital. They are REAL! You can touch, smell & even taste them. A printed magazine is the same! (I just wouldn’t taste it….) It feels different than digital and it doesn’t need batteries.

Every bush pilot knows, that when the clouds are in the trees, the wind is howling or you’re waiting out a storm, time seems to stand still. It can make a pilot anxious; it will test your patience & sometimes even push you to make a bad decision. Having a magazine that is loaded with pictures, stories, & practical information to flip through might just help pass the time, calm your nerves & help you get home safely.

We also know there are many of you out there who have a dream of flying, exploring, or trying something new and we are so excited for you! We know that sometimes the best way to turn a dream into a reality is to start with inspiration, gain knowledge, make a plan, and last but not least take a leap of faith! We hope to inspire you, teach you, and give you ways to make a plan. It will be up to you to take that leap of faith! We believe you can do it!

Alaska Skyways is a magazine devoted to exploring the great state of Alaska by air. If you “NEED” to use an airplane to get there, then we will cover it. We believe in community! In Alaska, aviators depend on one another & have for many years. It’s a community that accepts, loves & looks out for one another.

We want to see the aviation community continue to thrive. We feel that this magazine will give us an opportunity to share this great state, sport & way of life with each other & future aviators all over the world.

Whether you are currently a pilot, want to become a pilot or you just love aviation the outdoors and Alaska this is for you! We would love and appreciate your support!

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Devin Rafeedie
Chief Editor

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