About Texas Towns Revealed Magazine

Welcome to Texas Towns Revealed, the magazine that highlights the history and intrigue of Texas towns.


This magazine started somewhat unexpectedly when I had a little bit of free time on my hands. A coworker suggested that I visit a nearby town named Helena. This turned out to be one incredibly small town. So small that I almost drove past it. After some exploring, I discovered a few

historic markers and a museum square of multiple small historic buildings enclosed by a fence with a locked gate.


The next day I was directed to Panna Maria Texas. It is impossible to miss with the beautiful church that dominates the town. I stopped at the visitor's center across from the church and was surprised that the church was open and I could just walk right in and look around. I'm familiar with the state of Texas, but here were two interesting towns that I had never heard of in my life.


If these two towns were unknown to me, how many more small Texas towns were just waiting to be revealed? That was the beginning of Texas Towns Revealed.