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Medical World Magazine: Your Guide To The World of Medical Education and News

Medical World Magazine began publishing in 2014 as "The Incredible Medical School" magazine.

It has grown from containing only medical educational articles to also include medical news and information on the world of medical education. Two supplemental issues follow each main quarterly issue.

The first supplemental issue contains medical news and links on

The second supplemental issue contains medical news and links on

Alfred Ricks Jr., MD, Editor of Medical World Magazine, has been an Internal Medicine Physician, an Emergency Physician, and a Hospitalist for the past 40 years.

Failing to find basic medical educational videos for his children, Dr. Ricks recorded his own videos.

He subsequently founded "The Incredible Medical School" in the 1990s to provide these interesting, inexpensive medical educational videos to secondary school students.

The educational videos have progressed to include an online membership site containing "medical school" teaching videos and documents for the general public, especially young students.

With the success of "The Incredible Medical School" Membership site, a companion magazine of the same name was launched in 2014. This magazine has now progressed to the greatly expanded and renamed "Medical World Magazine" for everyone interested in medical education and news.

Subscribers to "Medical World Magazine" receive a special price for membership in The Incredible Medical School.

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