About Great Lakes Rock Hunter Mag

GLRH is published by M Geologic, an Earth Science educational services company founded by Michigan geologist, Craig McClarren. M Geologic employs over-educated and under-employed professionals, artisans, and overly-enthusiastic amateurs with a gift of knowledge to share and a knack for writing and education. Our authors include a range of geologists, artists, and enthusiasts whose boundless knowledge of rocks in the Great Lakes region- how to find them, how to polish them, how to turn them into pieces of art, and how they fit within the history of our land- is simply unrivaled.

M Geologic's founder, Craig McClarren, is a geologist with 25 years experience in the Earth Sciences. A passionate writer, a former university lecturer, former secondary school substitute teacher, volcanologist, resource geologist, a father, and now publisher, Craig McClarren continues to set out to educate anyone who wants to learn and to answer questions for anyone who is curious about this beautiful world.

Great Lakes Rock Hunter is Craig's answer to the unmet needs of our community for more in-depth and compelling information about the hobby of rock collecting as well as the land we live on.

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