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Switched On Sailing - Issue 01
Sailing satisfies any Desire for Living the Dream, Adventure, and Freedom. If you’re yearning to cross open seas as an Adventure Sailor, Bucket List Sailor, Family Sailor, or Aspiring Sailor then Issue 01 cuts the docklines with 112 pages of exciting articles and videos perfect for you.
SOS - Myths and Misconceptions | Save Our Ship? Save Our Souls?
- James Miller takes you on a factual journey through the creation of the SOS distress signal and the evolution of Mayday, Pan Pan, and Securite calls.
The Ultimate Short-Handed Cruiser | A Salute to Steve and Linda Dashew
- 27.9 knots on a monohull manned by just Steve and Linda Dashew. Impossible? Dive into the article by Warren Cottis and watch the video of Beowulf in action… a beautiful blend of Power and Control.
Adrenaline Pumping Action | Dodging a 106 Knot Squall at Night
- This massive squall was just 4 nautical miles away and closing fast… there was no chance of getting any distance from its path. David Hows captures the drama of a very intense crossing of the Tasman Sea and how they survived.
Destination - North Minerva Reef | Welcome Bolthole between New Zealand and Fiji
- It’s become a frequent rest stop for sailboats headed to or from New Zealand. Take a look at the video of North Minerva Reef from the air and you’ll understand why many cruisers consider it a must-see location.
Jackline Danger | Man Overboard on a Solo Watch
- This is a real-life experience… two onboard and one member off watch and sleeping. Peter Askulv and Johanna Graff vividly describe the intense shock of the moment and what ultimately prevented a tragedy. There's also a bonus video from John Harries and additional input from John Kretschmer.
COLREGS Reduced to Two Rules | Determining the Stand On or the Give Way Vessel Easily
- Captain Boomies is larger than life and she provides a well-animated, highly entertaining explanation of the Rules of the Road using video.
The World of Sailing - China | Exclusive Interview Covering the Huge Potential
- Sailing is growing rapidly in China… Frank Ning (Corporate Investor) and John Hearne (Doyle Sails) dive deep into the future potential for sailing.
Massive Knockdown | The Mother of All Waves Slams Lisa Blair Like a Freight Train
- Lisa Blair set a new record for circumnavigating Antarctica solo and her article is edge of your seat reading. Her video captures one of many knockdowns with her on-deck camera going underwater.
Saildrive Versus Shaft Drive | Which is Better? Which is Safer?
- There’s a lot of controversy on this topic so you be the judge. Mark Silverstein takes you in-depth on the Pros and Cons of both.
Three Big Tips for Funding Your Dream Voyage | One Tiny YouTube Channel Triggers $130,000
- Lowell Sheppard delivers sound financial strategies that can help you get out on the water faster. He has a big-picture sailing project now and a mantra of It’s Never Too Late to Change the Course of Your Life. It’s a must-read for motivation.
Destination – Shell Cove, Australia | New Harbour, Marina, and Lifestyle
- There’s a new Jewel on the East Coast of Australia and Warren Cottis suggests there’s more to Shell Cove than just the all-weather harbour and first-class marina. Local and international visitors can also enjoy a beautiful, natural environment with beaches, parklands, a golf course, and escarpment walking trails to explore… plus a passing parade of whales.

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