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Transforming Reality
The way to change reality is to see it differently. José Stevens, world renown spiritual leader, author, and founder of Power Path, empowers us to change how we see things to change the way things actually are.
Lisa Concannon, Wildlife Artist
Immerse yourself in the beautiful way that Lisa Concannon, local Austin artist, brings nature to life with vibrant colors and infinite inspiration.
Coping with Climate Change
Self-care is vital to making sustainable contributions as an environmentalist. Poet and environmental writer, Allie Rigby, reminds of ways to better care for ourselves so that we can do good for the planet.
Impact Investing
Elaine King, financial expert, explains what social impact investing is and how we can make big impacts starting with even small investments.
Financial Empowerment
Gabe Alvarez wants to help hairstylists get out of poverty and being financially empowered so that they have the ability to take care of themselves and help the environment.

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This Issue


A space for the imperfect environmentalist. 

It’s the place for everyday sustainability for the millions of people driven to be more eco conscious.

Econnoisseur Magazine is a digital magazine app and a community full of ideas, guides, interviews, and more to help you take steps towards living your best eco-friendly lifestyle, whatever that looks like for you. 

This is a judgment-free space that speaks to everyone.  From dipping your toes in the ecological waters to full-fledged environmental scientists, Econnoisseur Magazine will encourage anyone to live a life closer to the earth and closer to those around you. 

Econnoisseur magazine is an inspiring publication with the latest and greatest, along with the most ancient, knowledge for those who believe that thriving with nature is possible and are seeking ways to really make a difference. We deliver curated, digestible, achievable and inspiring approaches to eco-friendly living.

Featuring articles from experts across eco: spirituality, plant-powered foods, ecology, art, communications, activism, business, psychology, policies, home and travel.

Published: Quarterly
Language: English
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