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Chadwick Boseman “A Celebration” - by Tavia Woodie
In honor of the late Chadwick Boseman, we pay tribute to not only his impact upon the world as an artist, moreover his impact on the world as a person.
Tenet “The Blockbuster That Killed Hollywood” - by Sam Lounsbury
Tenet the massive blockbuster from the award-winning and critically acclaimed director Christopher Nolan was set to be the biggest movie release in recent memory. Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, Hollywood placed upon expectations of “Tenet” to save the film industry as we know it. However, it may be the film that put the nail in the coffin.
Songbird “A Real Love Story” - by Matthew Gold
Thinking about a stay home movie night for your first date with the girl you matched with recently? We at Boxxcar have the perfect movie that is sure to provide all the romance one could ask for. Songbird, a pandemic love story.
BoxxCar Mag TV Guide "2020 A Year In Review" - by Erikson Dockery
BoxxCar looks back on TV from 2020. The year we all stayed home and provides a list of the shows we found to be the ones you can’t miss, the most innovative, and the ones you can skip.
“Grudsfled” - by Frank Spirio
BoxxCar’s Featured Storyteller: Patrick Wimp
Patrick Wimp is the co-founder and owner of Digital Hydra, an Emmy award-winning production company that has crafted commercial and creative content for a variety of major brands and entities including Facebook, HBO, McDonald’s, The Chicago Bulls, Cubs, and Blackhawks. Erikson & Patrick take a deep dive into what drove Pat to become a filmmaker, his early muse’s, and his latest projects including his most recent project is an award-winning web series “Brothers From the Suburbs”
Spike Jonze and the Magic of Immature Humor - by Matt Albertini
Spike Jonze has a unique ability to tap into a wide range of human emotions and experiences. We pay tribute to his ability to highlight the magical and fleeting moments of love while also providing a touch of humor to connect with the child we left behind.
We Are Not Astrologist.. & Neither Are You - by Kaleigh Herter
We dive into the depths of the stars, sun, and moon exploring how the current season and alignment are affecting you and your favorite celebrities. And of course as writers, comics and storytellers we are fully qualified to do so.
BoxxCar’s Top 5 Storytellers of 2020 - by Erikson Dockery
The internet has provided a new avenue for content creators and storytellers of all types to expand their platform, personal brand, and ultimately elevate their voice. Here are the 5 storytellers we think have done it best.

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